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ManufacturerPart NumberCash Part NumberCash
 CANON 0615B002$0.23 CANON 0616B002$0.23
 CANON 0617B002$0.45 CANON 0618B002$0.45
 CANON 1287C001$0.90 CANON 1287C005$1.46
 CANON 1899B002$0.23 CANON 1900B002$0.45
 CANON 240XL$1.01 CANON 240XXL$1.13
 CANON 241XL$1.58 CANON 2973B001$0.45
 CANON 2974B001$0.34 CANON 2975B001$1.35
 CANON 2976B001$1.24 CANON 5204B001$1.13
 CANON 5206B001$1.01 CANON 5207B001$0.68
 CANON 5208B001$1.58 CANON 5209B001$1.46
 CANON 8278B001$1.13 CANON 8279B001$0.90
 CANON 8280B001$1.80 CANON 8281B001$1.46
 CANON CL-211$1.24 CANON CL211XL$1.35
 CANON CL241$1.46 CANON CL241XL$1.58
 CANON CL-244$1.46 CANON CL-246$1.46
 CANON CL-246XL$1.80 CANON CL31$0.45
 CANON CL-41$0.45 CANON CL51$0.45
 CANON PG210$0.34 CANON PG210XL$0.45
 CANON PG240$0.68 CANON PG240XL$1.01
 CANON PG240XXL$1.13 CANON PG-243$0.90
 CANON PG-245$0.90 CANON PG-245XL$1.13
 CANON PG-30$0.23 CANON PG40$0.23
 CANON PG50$0.23 
 HASLER 35T66493$1.13 HASLER 4102910P$1.13
 HASLER 4105243U$1.13 HASLER 4121719G$1.13
 HASLER 4124703Q$1.13 HASLER 4124705S$1.13
 HASLER 4127039Y$1.13 HASLER 4127943Q$1.13
 HASLER 4133885E$1.13 HASLER 4135555U$1.13
 HASLER 4135557W$1.13 HASLER 4135559Y$1.13
 HASLER 4135561A$1.13 HASLER 4135565E$1.13
 HASLER 4135567G$1.13 HASLER 4139453E$1.13
 HASLER 4139454F$1.13 HASLER 4139456H$1.13
 HASLER 4139457J$1.13 HASLER 4139459L$1.13
 HASLER 4139461N$1.13 HASLER 41394632$1.13
 HASLER 4139464R$1.13 HASLER 4139466T$1.13
 HASLER 4139472Z$1.13 HASLER 4139479G$1.13
 HASLER 4139508M$1.13 HASLER 4139518X$1.13
 HASLER 4139518Y$1.13 HASLER 4139519Y$1.13
 HASLER 4139524D$1.13 HASLER 4139525E$1.13
 HASLER 4139527G$1.13 HASLER 4139528H$1.13
 HASLER 4139533N$1.13 HASLER 4139545A$1.13
 HASLER 4139552H$1.13 HASLER 4142329A$1.13
 HASLER 4142697J$1.13 HASLER 4142698K$1.13
 HASLER 4142880Z$1.13 HASLER 4142881A$1.13
 HASLER 4145144H$0.45 HASLER 4145638X$1.13
 HASLER 4145702P$1.13 HASLER 4145703Q$1.13
 HASLER 4145780V$1.13 HASLER 4145781W$1.13
 HASLER 4146027C$1.13 HASLER 4146135$1.13
 HASLER 4146657J$1.13 HASLER 4146800H$1.13
 HASLER 4146995L$1.13 HASLER 4147550P$1.13
 HASLER 414781W$1.13 HASLER 4149132M$1.13
 HASLER 4149133N$1.13 HASLER 65G72591$1.13
 HASLER A0000098$1.13 HASLER A0000856$1.13
 HASLER A0000858$1.13 HASLER A0001777$1.13
 HASLER A0002678$1.13 HASLER A0002726$1.13
 HASLER A0003745$1.13 HASLER A0003748$1.13
 HASLER A0010389$1.13 HASLER A0011668$1.13
 HASLER A0011680$1.13 HASLER A0011683$1.13
 HASLER A0014367$1.13 HASLER A0014368$1.13
 HASLER A0021728$1.13 HASLER A0024430$1.13
 HASLER A0024431$1.13 HASLER A0078867$1.13
 HASLER HS10041S$1.13 HASLER HS1005IS$1.13
 HP 110$0.23 HP 15$1.35
 HP 20$0.11 HP 21$0.11
 HP 21XL$0.23 HP 22$0.90
 HP 22XL$1.35 HP 26$0.56
 HP 27$0.11 HP 28$0.90
 HP 40$0.45 HP 45$1.35
 HP 45BK$1.35 HP 5152$1.35
 HP 51626A$0.56 HP 51640A$0.45
 HP 51645A$1.35 HP 51645G$1.35
 HP 51645U$1.35 HP 54$0.11
 HP 56$0.11 HP 57$0.90
 HP 58$0.11 HP 59$0.11
 HP 60BK$0.56 HP 60CLR$0.90
 HP 60XLBK$0.90 HP 60XLCLR$0.90
 HP 61BK$0.68 HP 61CLR$1.35
 HP 61XLBK$1.35 HP 61XLCLR$1.58
 HP 62BK$0.90 HP 62CLR$1.35
 HP 62XL$1.35 HP 65XLBK$1.35
 HP 701$0.23 HP 901$0.34
 HP 901$0.45 HP 901XL$0.34
 HP 9359A$0.11 HP 95$0.11
 HP 96$0.11 HP 97$0.23
 HP B3B05A$0.56 HP B3B06A$0.90
 HP B3B09A$0.34 HP B3B10A$0.45
 HP B3B18A$0.11 HP B3B18A$0.23
 HP B3B19A$0.90 HP B3B22A$0.11
 HP B3B23A$0.11 HP C2P04A$0.90
 HP C2P04AN$0.90 HP C2P05A$1.35
 HP C2P05AN$1.35 HP C2P06A$1.35
 HP C2P06AN$1.35 HP C6125A$1.35
 HP C6168A$1.35 HP C6170A$1.35
 HP C6195A$1.35 HP C6614D$0.11
 HP C6614N$0.11 HP C6615A$1.35
 HP C6615D$1.35 HP C6615DN$1.35
 HP C6650FN$1.35 HP C6656A$0.11
 HP C6656AN$0.11 HP C6656G$0.11
 HP C6657A$0.90 HP C6657AN$0.90
 HP C6658A$0.11 HP C6658AN$0.11
 HP C8727A$0.11 HP C8727AN$0.11
 HP C8727B$0.11 HP C8728A$0.90
 HP C8728AN$0.90 HP C8766W$0.11
 HP C8766WN$0.11 HP C8766Z$0.11
 HP C8767WN$0.11 HP C8788FNBK$1.35
 HP C8790FNBK$1.35 HP C8842A$1.35
 HP C9351A$0.11 HP C9351AN$0.11
 HP C9351C$0.23 HP C9351G$0.11
 HP C9352AN$0.90 HP C9352C$1.35
 HP C9359A$0.11 HP C9359AN$0.11
 HP C9363W$0.23 HP C9363WN$0.23
 HP CB252A$0.11 HP CB255A$0.11
 HP CB261A$0.11 HP CB267$0.90
 HP CB267A$0.90 HP CB268A$0.90
 HP CB270A$0.11 HP CB278A$0.90
 HP CB304A$0.23 HP CB304AN$0.23
 HP CB304S$0.23 HP CB305A$0.23
 HP CB334$0.11 HP CB334A$0.11
 HP CB334AN$0.11 HP CC635A$0.23
 HP CC635S$0.23 HP CC640W$0.56
 HP CC640WN$0.56 HP CC641W$0.90
 HP CC641WN$0.90 HP CC643W$0.90
 HP CC643WN$0.90 HP CC644W$0.90
 HP CC644WN$0.90 HP CC653AE$0.34
 HP CC653AN$0.34 HP CC654A$0.34
 HP CC654AE$0.34 HP CC654AN$0.34
 HP CC655A$0.45 HP CC656A$0.45
 HP CC656AE$0.45 HP CC656AN$0.45
 HP CH561W$0.68 HP CH561WN$0.68
 HP CH562W$1.35 HP CH562WN$1.35
 HP CH562WNOG$1.35 HP CH563W$1.35
 HP CH563WN$1.35 HP CH564W$1.58
 HP CH564WN$1.58 HP CH569AN$0.23
 HP CH570AN$1.35 HP CN037W$0.11
 HP CN639W$0.56 HP CN640W$0.90
 HP CQ849A$1.35 HP D8J31A$0.11
 HP D8J32A$0.23 HP D8J50A$0.90
 HP D8J70A$0.90 HP F6T48A$1.35
 HP J3N47A$1.35 HP J3N48A$0.90
 HP J3P12A$1.35 HP M0J06A$1.35
 HP M0J07A$0.90 HP N9J42A$1.35
 HP N9J43A$0.90 HP N9J44A$1.35
 HP N9J45A$0.90 HP N9K04A$1.35
 HP N9K04ANXL$1.35 HP Q2392A$1.35
 HP T0A36ANXLBK$1.35 
 LEXMARK 1$0.11 LEXMARK 18C0781$0.11
 LEXMARK 18C0901$0.11 
 NEO 3300014P$0.45 NEO 3300028D$0.45
 NEO 3300062P$0.45 NEO 3300087Q$0.45
 NEO 3300090T$0.45 NEO 3300262X$0.45
 NEO 3300340D$0.45 NEO 4126920Z$0.45
 NEO 4144151Y$0.45 NEO 4146133N$0.45
 NEO 4151188D$0.45 NEO A0018301$0.45
 NEO HS10071J$0.45 
 NEOPOST 3300027C$0.45 NEOPOST 4105238P$1.13
 NEOPOST 4127980D$0.45 NEOPOST 4128016R$0.45
 NEOPOST 4133885E$0.45 NEOPOST 4134041S$0.45
 NEOPOST 4135554T$1.13 NEOPOST 4139534P$1.13
 NEOPOST 4142488R$0.45 NEOPOST 4145145J$0.45
 NEOPOST 4145711Y$1.13 NEOPOST 4146135Q$0.45
 NEOPOST 4146996M$1.13 NEOPOST 4156313S$0.45
 NEOPOST A0000098$0.45 NEOPOST A0001777$0.45
 NEOPOST A0002678$0.45 NEOPOST A0006987$0.45
 NEOPOST A0009767$0.45 NEOPOST A0010389$0.45
 NEOPOST A0011668$0.45 NEOPOST HS1009IS$0.45
 OTHER TWK-1396$1.35 
 PITNEY BOW 787-1$0.45 PITNEY BOW PB7871$0.45
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