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ManufacturerPart NumberCash Part NumberCash
 CANON 0618B002$0.40 CANON BC-02 APPLE M8041G/C BX-2 0881A003$0.20
 CANON BX-3 0884A003$0.60 CANON CL-211 COLOR 2976B001$1.00
 CANON CL-211 COLOR HIGH YIELD 2975B001$1.60 CANON CL-241 COLOR 5209B001 5208B001$1.20
 CANON CL-241XL COLOR 5208B001$1.80 CANON CL-246 (8281B001) COLOR PIXMA MG3520/MG2420/MG2420/MG2520$1.60
 CANON CL-246XL (8280B001) COLOR PIXMA MG3520/MG2420/MG2420/MG2520$2.00 CANON CL-31 1900B002$0.40
 CANON CL-41 0617B002$0.60 CANON INKJET PG-245 (8279B001) BLACK PIXMA MG3520/MG2420/MG2420/MG2520$0.80
 CANON INKJET PG-245XL (8278B001) BLACK PIXMA MG3520/MG2420/MG2420/MG2520$0.80 CANON PG-210 BLACK 2974B001$0.40
 CANON PG-210 BLACK HIGH YIELD 2973B001$0.60 CANON PG-240 BLACK 5207B001 5206B001 INCLUDES STARTER$0.60
 CANON PG-240XL BLACK$0.80 CANON PG-240XXL BLACK 5204B001$0.80
 HP #61 BLACK (CH561WN) (2014/03/31 EXPIRATION OR EARLIER)$0.40 HP #61XL BLACK (CH563WN) (2014/03/31 EXPIRATION OR EARLIER)$1.60
 HP #61XL TRI-COLOR (CH564WN) (2014/03/31 EXPIRATION OR EARLIER)$1.80 HP #901 BLACK (CC653AN, CC653AE)$0.20
 HP 15 C6615DN$1.20 HP 21 C9351AN$0.20
 HP 21 LOW YIELD C9351G$0.20 HP 21 XL CH569AN$0.20
 HP 22 C9352AN$1.20 HP 22 XL CH570AN$1.20
 HP 27 C8727AN$0.20 HP 28 C8728AN$1.20
 HP 40 BLACK 51640A$0.20 HP 45 51645A, C8842A$1.20
 HP 51626A$0.60 HP 54 CB334AN$0.20
 HP 56 C6656AN$0.20 HP 57 C6657AN$1.20
 HP 58 C6658AN$0.20 HP 59 C9359A$0.20
 HP 60 BLACK CC640WN$0.20 HP 60 TRICOLOR CC643WN$1.20
 HP 60 XL BLACK CC641WN$0.60 HP 60 XL TRICOLOR CC644WN$1.20
 HP 61 BLACK CH561WN$0.40 HP 61 TRI-COLOR CH562WN (2014/04/01 EXPIRATION OR LATER)$1.20
 HP 61 XL BLACK CH563WN$1.60 HP 61 XL COLOR CH564WN$1.80
 HP 62 BLACK C2P04AN$0.60 HP 62 COLOR C2P05AN$1.00
 HP 62XL BLACK C2P06AN$1.00 HP 62XL COLOR C2P07AN$1.20
 HP 701 CC635A$0.20 HP 901 TRICOLOR CC656AN$1.20
 HP 901 XL BLACK CC654AN$0.20 HP 93 C9361W$0.20
 HP 95 8766W$0.20 HP 97 9363W$0.20
 HP CB304AN CB305A$0.20 
 LEXMARK 1 18C0781$0.20 LEXMARK 16 10N0016, DELL A920 T0529, SHARP UX-C70$0.20
 LEXMARK 43XL AND 41A 18Y0143/18Y0341$0.40 
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